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stencil_central's Journal

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This community is for spotters and collectors of Stencil Graffiti, an Urban Artform.

Stencil Spotting is an addictive pastime which can take you off down alleyways, behind buildings and into strange parts of town on the quest for new images.

This where you can show off your finds, your little gems of creativity collected on the streets, the walls, the doors and the fences.

I have been collecting pictures of graffiti for a few years and am thinking of publishing them in some form or another. If I feel the urge to use any images gathered here, I will of course contact the photographer responsible, I am not planning to steal anybodies work, so don’t worry.

All I ask is that you caption each image with a little information: The town, street (or rough location) and country of the image. Any additional info is fine too.

I will also be setting up a sister community for Sticker Art, sticker_central, please come and have a look and join in.